Campagna Amica

Market is open to the public on  Saturday : 8am-3pm & Sunday : 8am-3pm

The farmers of Camagna Amica who have a stake in their land are virtuous examples of ideal producers. They are entrepreneurs who continue to invest and innovate their businesses, using agronomic practices compatible with the protection of the environment and biodiversity. They are farmers who stubbornly refuse to use Genetically Modified Seeds (GMOs) and are committed to produce quality at fair prices, with products that represent an important tangible and intangible heritage of an entire country.

The Campagna Amica Foundation was founded in 2008 to carry out initiatives to fully express the value and dignity of Italian agriculture. The Campagna Amica Foundation supports Italian agriculture in three main areas: produce sales, environmental sustainability, and tourism. We seek to accomplish this by linking the producer directly to the consumers through our markets thereby providing citizens with quality produce directly from the farmers who made them. We built the Campagna Amica, which is the first national and European network of direct sales and employs more than 7,000 locations where you can find products of farmers, all strictly Italian and certified origin.

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