Real Italian Food Market

Immerse yourself into Italian culture by spending a day with farmers from the Lazio region of Italy, tasting free food, and learning about the quality and freshness of the products. Meet the farmers, ask questions, and learn about their business and the foods they specialize in.



At Campagna Amica in Circus Maximum, you get to enjoy the luxury of a real Italian market, with real Italian farmers. As you walk into the market, you will notice stands neatly organized throughout the market. Here you can buy everything you will need for a fresh, great tasting meal. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of picnic tables situated just outside for families to have lunch and let their children run free. Things to find at the market include: meat, cheese, bread, olive oil, flowers, fish, wine, beer, vegetables, sauces and more.

The farmers of Campagna Amica are entrepreneurs who continue to invest and innovate their businesses, using agronomic practices compatible with the protection of the environment and biodiversity. They are farmers who stubbornly refuse to use Genetically Modified Seeds (GMOs) and are committed to produce quality at fair prices, with products that represent an important tangible and intangible heritage of an entire country.


Experience Italian culture like never before through food at the farmers market. Free tasting of foods from the farmers themselves. Speak with the farmers about their products. Learn about the freshness and quality of food they offer. Buy and enjoy your lunch outside with the many picnic tables they have set up.



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