The Experience

Thoughts of past visitors.

Farmer’s Market of Campagna Amica at Circus Maximus was the very first place I visited while in Rome and I would not have it any other way. I was immediately conscious of all the fresh products due to the various aromas of Italian cuisine. One of my favorite things about the market was the welcoming atmosphere. All of the vendors would give me a big smile and a sample of their product. It was nice to see that all of the vendors had a passion for what they produced, which was evident when tasting their product, as it was all so delicious. I was also very surprised by the wide range of products from fish and meat to vegetables to beer and wine, they had it all! If you are a local of Rome or simply visiting, I would highly recommend going to Campagna Amica, as it has great products for the best price!

– Matt Schalow (University of Minnesota)

The thing I enjoyed most about Campagna Amica is how fresh everything sold there was. I bought spreads, fresh pressed juice, and cheese- all of it so delicious. The vendors were super friendly and helpful- always offering samples and which things they liked the best. I loved the fact that the market itself felt like one big family since all the booths were always in constant communication with each other.

– Braelyn Almaraz (Santa Barbara, CA)

What I enjoyed most about Campagna Amica was the unique selection of foods. Most farmers markets that I visit back in California sold mainly fruits and vegetables, but here I found a variety of cheeses, fresh seafood, spreads, juices, and meat. It was really interesting to see more than just produce and to see what they did with some produce (in terms of the spreads they had). I also enjoyed the organization of it all. It made it really easy to go from one stall to the other and you didn’t see the same products over and over. The vendors in their stalls were also very friendly and eager to discuss their product which was very enjoyable.

-Linette Velasco (Sacramento, CA)

Walking into Campagna Amica for the first time was a pleasantly fulfilling experience. I walked from stand to stand tasting Italy, for items sold are an authentic product of Italy. Everything that I tasted from cheese, to juice, to spreads and much more had such a genuine taste, not only that, but the choices of each was endless. I approached a stand, my favorite so far, of an enormous variety of fruit spreads. The polite man working the stand offered various samples (all delicious) which made it very hard to finally choose the one I wanted to purchase. Everyone in the market is so genuinely nice and anyone could and would easily want to enjoy an afternoon roaming around having various samples. Not only are there yummy samples to tickle the tongue, however, there are also delicious sandwiches that are more than satisfying. I got one from the Farm Monaldo Colleti that has a lot of pork products from Porchetta to salami or coppa or sausage. The producer suggested that I get some porchetta and share it with my friends with some nice cheeses that I bought from the stand of Angelo Celleti, which is right next to it. It was a fantastic picnic in one of the best places, surrounded by the history of Rome.

-Ivonne Palencia (Redwood City, CA)

What I like the most about Campagna Amica is the atmosphere. It’s big enough to have wonderful sorts of products, but small enough so you don’t really lose your companions while grocery shopping. The workers there are also great and extremely helpful. If you need to decide on whether to get it or not, they will offer you a free sample…which more often than not, is very convincing. Overall, every experience I have had in Campagna Amica were great, and if anyone decides to check it out, I recommend asking for a free sample of the Porchetta.

-Anthony Garcia (San Jose, CA)

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